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The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question.

If You have a Podcast, Here’s the Right Way to Deal With Criticism

If you’re behind a microphone, in whatever capacity in whatever particular field of broadcasting, then there are two things you will not be able to escape.
The first of these is that your voice will not sound the same when you listen back to your work. This can make you cringe and a little self-conscious. But you’ll get used to it. It’s actually helpful to hear back what you’ve recorded.
The other thing you’ll face is criticism.

There are two types of criticism you can face. One of these is actually super helpful and you should bare it in mind to help you grow. The other can be harmful. So it’s important to know the difference, and then to train yourself to block the latter out.


Constructive criticism is good. With this, people are listening to your podcast and giving you their honest opinions on how you can make it better for them.
Different people will have different opinions, so it’s good to get a wide variety of constructive criticism. It is designed to help push you and make you better. And to make your podcast better.


Negative criticism shouldn’t be a thing, but unfortunately, it can happen. This is only designed to annoy you and bring you down.
However, criticism of you can happen, be it constructive or negative. But when somebody ever criticizes me personally, then I have two options.

Ignore It
I can choose to ignore the criticism. Some people are only ever happy when they are unhappy. These people love to moan and might feel like they are an expert at everything. So they have opinions about how best to do the job you do. But they are not actually doing your job. And there is a reason for that.

So take solace in the fact that they are listening to you. And you’ve done enough for them to form an opinion of you or your show. That means you’ve had an impact!

Engage With It??

You can decide to actually engage with the criticism, but you should beware of what comes with that.
I have done this. I have called up a texter who has sent in criticism and I have replied to tweets and Facebook messages. I’ve opened a dialogue.
If you decide to engage, the key is to be professional at all times. Don’t lower yourself to their level, and plan your response. I normally find the people I have engaged with tend to stop criticizing.
If you engage and do it well, you can win them over. You can turn negative criticism into constructive criticism.

No matter what kind of criticism you receive, and no matter how you react to it, it’s important to remember one thing. They are your listener, you’re not their listener.

I always have this thought in my mind when any criticism comes my way. You are talking about me, I am not talking about you. This is not me being arrogant, this is me merely pointing out the fact that I am behind a mic doing the job I love to do. And I have worked very hard to do this.
I’m having an impact, people are listening and forming an opinion about me which is exactly what I want. So to critics, I say, thank you for listening and talking about me, it shows I am doing something right.
So if you are behind a mic in whatever capacity and somebody criticizes you, deal with it and get on with the job. They are listening to you, not the other way round.
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The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question.

How to really make money podcasting

While it may be true that you’re podcasting for the love of it, we all have bills and responsibilities so, it wouldn’t hurt to make a few extra bucks doing what you love, right?
Podcasting in of itself has been around for some time, but it’s only now starting to gain momentum in popularity so now would be a good time to jump into the podcasting craze, produce engaging content, build an audience and make some money.

If you want to make a little money on the side with your passion (or, perhaps down the road, turn your passion into a full-time career) there are a few things you can do to get the ball rolling.


First, you have to decide the topic of your podcast. This seems like a no-brainer, but there are two ways you can go with this: you can go general or specific. Both have their pros and cons. By choosing a “general” topic (like politics or, celebrity gossip) the market is very large and competition for ears and advertisers is fierce. However, the market being so large, you should be able to capture part of the marketplace as long as you present your content in a fresh and interesting way. If you choose to be more specific with your topic, the audience might not be as large however, the competition isn’t as fierce and it is easier to design your niche audience and appeal to specific advertisers.


Second, put your best out there. That means, setting time aside to roll up your sleeves and make sure the content you’re giving your audience is the best you can provide.
Take the time necessary to:

  • Edit your audio
  • Clean up the audio and produce it properly
  • Think about investing in voice talent
  • Perhaps create an app to go along with your podcast
  • Build a community and engage with it on social media


Third, think about developing a sales strategy for potential advertisers. It’s a lot more appealing to an advertiser if you can show them you have 150 weekly, dedicated listeners who enjoy fishing than, say, if you have a Facebook page that gets about 15,000 random hits by unengaged people who are only curious. Advertisers want to target specific demographics.


Fourth, make some extra cash by helping others with their podcasts. Seriously, if you have a talent for editing audio, why not think about selling some of your services or your extra time by helping others in the podcasting world? Not really good at editing audio? That’s OK. As you develop your own podcast, you’ll start to discover your own strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you’re good at building a website? Perhaps you have a talent for setting up engaging social media accounts. Whatever it is, chances are you can help another podcaster who isn’t as strong as you are in that area. So why not help out the podcasting community while adding a little green to your pocket?


Lastly, make sure to be patient with yourself and give it time. In our age of “instant gratification,” if we don’t see results NOW then oftentimes, we view it as a failure and move on. However, when it comes to making money with podcasts, you really do need to give yourself time to build up an audience and relationships with your listeners. Building that relationship may take a year, perhaps more. However, don’t give up on your podcast, or yourself, if you don’t see results in a month or two. Stick with it. See what works and what doesn’t and the payoff won’t disappoint you.

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The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question.

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